Laser Training


Thomas Alva Edison created the first research and development lab at his home in Menlo Park NJ in March of 1876. The story goes that when a new employee once asked about lab rules, Edison said, "There ain't no rules around here! We're tryin' to accomplish somep'in."

At that location and with that attitude, they pushed the limits of materials and knowledge farther than ever before. Many of the designs and innovations changed the way people lived and worked forever as well as setting the highest standards for innovators for generations to come.

With this heritage in mind, the people of Menlo Park Research & Development, set about re-creating this environment in the modern age. Spanning the country via the Internet, engineers, designers and programmers come together to find solutions to todays challenges.

This company, its designs and this web site are not associated with  the family,  products or companies derived from the work of T.A.Edison.